Smart Fab Lab is a part of the world wide FAB LAB network ( more than 1500 fab labs).

The fab lab family encourage and facilitate common projects and know-how exchange.

On international level, Smart Fab Lab is connected and collaborating with the following organizations:

  • VULCA initiative, trying to connect makerspaces for a fab lab exchange program;
  • Fab Lab Zagreb (Roberto Vdovic) and Faculty of Architecture at Zagreb University, our trustful helpers for STEAM activities;
  • Barcelona FAB LAB / IaaC- our inspiration for university integration know-how;
  • FAB LAB Belgrade and Polyhedra FAB LAB - our regional partners, trying to make the Balkans more collaborative place


On national level, Smart Fab Lab is helping other organizations to establish their makerspaces and collaborating with schools and universicties providing services and know-how for digital fabrication, maker activities and makerspace evaluation.

Our team was involved in the creation of SCIFI FAB LAB - the first fully equiped school makerspace in Bulgaria.


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