Stikeez Board Game


Stikeez Board Game

The Stikeez Board Game is an extremely easy and fun game! You can play it with your friends or your family. The main aim is to teach you new words from the English vocabulary while playing the game.  The rules of this board game are very simple: pick your stickee, roll the dice, move forward to reach the number you have got, check out the colour of the circle you’re on and pick a card of the same colour, answer the question on your card, and if you answer correctly, then move a step or more forward. Whoever reaches the final circle first is the winner! The game was designed by Iana Nikolova (8th grade student at the American College of Sofia in 2016) and made by her in Smart Fab Lab. The board was made from Reboard and the animal cards from plywood using a laser cutter and engraver. The Steekez figurines used in the game were from the Stikeez sets available at Lidl shops, which were very popular to collect by kids in Bulgaria at the time.

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