How to assemple a kid's bed on your own


Our strategy was to use store-bought sanded wooden laths which I was going to process, cut out and assemble in the woodworking zone of Smart Fab Lab. I would prepare the details and my son and I would assemble the bed at home.

We started with the choice of a mattress - we chose a size that would also fit in some IKEA beds would we choose to use another bed model.

We chose the space for the bed so we knew where and what kind of headboard and footboard we'd use.

We used wooden laths which were pre-sanded - 80/20 for the main and visible details, and 20/30 for the structure and bed frame. We used screws and PVA glue for the pre-assembly and screws only for the final assembly.

We booked mounting table 1 in hall 3 for a weekend. The preparation, cut out and varnishing took about 48h with (of course) long breaks.

We included the little guy in the final assembly at home and it was lots of fun!

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